Dianne Morales | Radically Reshaping the Future of NYC


Since AOC’s monumental primary upset of Joe Crowley in 2018, a progressive uprising has been sweeping NYC.

Dianne Morales is a former public school teacher turned non-profit difference maker for at-risk youth & the LGBTQ+ community. As a non-corporate funded candidate, Dianne represents a people-first agenda that prioritizes:

* Guaranteed Housing for All

* Democratizing Healthcare

* Defunding the Police

* Public Infrastructure investment

In Dianne’s own words, her platform “is built on the belief that politics should work for all the people and that we are stronger and better positioned to grow when every New Yorker is prioritized, oppressive systems are eliminated and barriers are removed. The people who help keep New York City afloat, in and out of a pandemic, are the same ones struggling because our system was designed for them to struggle.”

DONATE TO DIANNE: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/webste

🍎Dianne’s Twitter: @Dianne4NYC

🍎Dianne’s Website: dianne.nyc

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Jen Perelman

Jen currently serves as a pro bono attorney for Probation Station, a South Florida nonprofit, to help deliver a pathway out of the criminal justice system through early termination of probation. She continues to organize community service work through JENCorps, the volunteer coalition that she began as a candidate.