Our Mission

“Generational change” is the inevitable shift that happens within a society over time. While different people have different ideas about what that change should look like, one thing is certain — generational change is a monumental shift in our societal paradigm. It represents the evolution of our collective values, social norms, and systems of governance. It is our duty to facilitate that shift to the best of our ability, and in the best interest of society and the planet. 

“Jenerational Change” is a grassroots movement based upon that duty. Our mission is to promote and advocate for the ideas that will best serve society as a whole. We believe that society is best served by policies that create social, economic, criminal, and environmental justice. We believe that this mission is predicated on three core principles:

Our Team

Jen Perelman


Jen Perelman is an attorney, an activist, and former congressional candidate for Florida’s 23rd District. As a second generation native Floridian, born and raised in North Miami Beach, Jen is deeply rooted to the people, history, and environment of South Florida. With a professional background that includes journalism and law, Jen has spent the majority of her adult life speaking and fighting for those who cannot do so for themselves. Along with her business partner, Jen is currently working on the JENerational Change Podcast, and spearheading JenCorps, their local volunteer service organization. Jen lives in Davie, Florida, with her husband, two sons, and their two dogs.

Peter Hager


Peter Hager is a small business owner and former campaign manager of Jen Perelman’s 2020 congressional campaign. A New Jersey transplant like many others, he’s made South Florida his home for 8 years and continues to be involved in the local community through volunteer events & is now the Treasurer for the Broward County Chapter of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida. Peter is the co-host of the JENerational Change Podcast & resides in Pembroke Pines.

John Holder


John Holder is a recent graduate of Florida International University who is committed to expanding the influence of independent left-wing media. He formerly worked as an organizer on the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign and currently produces the JENerational Change podcast. As a producer, John oversees YouTube channel management, video editing, graphic design, public relations, guest scheduling, copywriting, and occasional social media promotion